Moose & Duckie are my half-sibling, mini-goldendoodle puppies who join me at the Salon (some days!) 

Moose is the boy; he's 35 lbs, 3 years old and I found him on Craigslist when he was a little puppy cause his family didn't want him. Unbelievable! An ex-boyfriend bought him for me after I begged- and I'd gladly let him break my heart all over again in order to receive the most perfect puppy gift. 

Duckie is the girl; She's 1 years old and I tracked her down because Moose is the most perfect dog ever and she was a half-sibling (same Dad / different Moms ). Duckie is half of Moose' size and I almost named her "Minnie" because she looks like a Mini-Moose. 

If you like dogs, please be assured- I am probably spending most of the proceeds on dog bones and cute dog sweaters on Etsy. If you don't liked dogs, don't worry- they are non-shedding, hypoallergenic and can be asked *not to join us on your big hair day. 

Thanks for accepting my dogs into the Rachel Downing Hair pack! We love you!!! Follow Moose & Duckies adventures here.